The Warped World of OS/2: 1998

12/30/98 - 1998 In Review
1998 was a tumultuous year for OS/2 and its users. Here are some of the major happenings.

12/16/98 - Installing OS/2 On Your New Computer
How do you install OS/2 on the new computer you're getting for Christmas?

12/02/98 - Installing RealPlayer® in OS/2 Warp
How to install RealPlayer in Warp as a Helper in Netscape using Win-OS/2.

11/25/98 - Microsoft Trial Reveals OS/2 Squeeze
MS developer contracts are the main reason OS/2 failed to succeed with consumers according to Soyring.

11/18/98 - Installing Fixpaks Without Diskettes (Revised)
The 07/01/98 feature revised to include Fixpak 9 and beyond.

11/04/98 - First Look at OS/2 Warp Server for e-business (aka Aurora)
Find out all the wonderful new features in Aurora, and how you can get a client version!

10/28/98 - How To Interpet IBM Syntax Diagrams
A primer in understanding those complex diagrams which sometimes hide more than they reveal.

10/14/98 - Web Organizer - A Review
Web Organizer is a flexible, valuable tool for managing a large number of bookmarks.

10/07/98 - FTP Browser - Make FTP'ing Fun
A review of a superb, yet inexpensive Internet FTP tool.

09/30/98 - Boot Manager Shootout: System Commander Deluxe
A review of an excellent alternative to IBM's Boot Manager

09/23/98 - Boot Manager Shootout: Power Boot
A review of an inexpensive alternative to IBM's Boot Manager

09/16/98 - Boot Manager Shootout: IBM Boot Manager
A detailed examination of the Boot Manager supplied with OS/2

09/02/98 - Partition Tables
Exactly what are these critical disk structures?

08/19/98 - OS/2, Win 95 on One Disk
Installing OS/2 and Windows 95 release C on one hard disk.

08/05/98 - Large Disk Drives, Part 2
OS Problems accessing large disks and solutions.

07/22/98 - Large Disk Drives, Part 1
Problems accessing large disks and solutions.

07/08/98 - Readers' Choice Freebies
Free programs selected by you, the reader.

07/01/98 - Installing Fixpaks Without Diskettes.
Finally we can throw out fixpak diskettes!

06/17/98 - 10 Great Freebies
10 free gems from the Internet.

06/10/98 - Must-Have Software II
A look at some more indispensible OS/2 software.

06/01/98 - Must-Have Software I
A look at some indispensible OS/2 software.

05/21/98 -Approach for OS/2 Warp 4
An in-depth review of Approach for OS/2 Warp 4.

05/11/98 - Whither OS?
A bright future for OS/2.

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