Discussion Topics

If you have a suggestion or comment on any of the "Topics of Discussion", use the Mailing List to send us your comments. Please set the Subject Line to the appropriate Discussion Topic that you are commenting on.

  • Feedback

    Discussion regarding means by which to not only solicit feedback and input from the team members and users of the site, but also ways to accurately track and record the suggestions and ideas presented.

    Plans also call for a "voting mechanism" whereby users can register their votes regarding issues and ideas presented through the Feedback mechanism.

    Suggestions currently under consideration

  • Mailing Lists
  • Private Newsserver (Private USENET)
  • Web Based Discussion Forums
  • IRC (Internet Relay Chat)

  • Archives

    All discussion regarding the WarpDoctor project is being archived. This includes the raw "logfiles" of the IRC Chat Sessions and the messages posted to the WarpDoctor Mailing List.

    Once we have the basics for the site implemented, these "archives" will be made available for any and all users to access.

    One of the items being discussed is how to make the best use of the information contained in these archives. In order to maintain historical accuracy, the raw logs and discussion posts will be maded available. However, these raw logs and posts can be a bit difficult for the average user to follow.

    Also, complicating matters further, once the Discussion Forums (in whatever form they are implemented) are online and functional, the information contained in these exchanges will be valuable and will need to be archived in such a manner as to be easily accessible and easily used by any and all visitors to the site.

    Current plans call for implementing a serchable database of information. This will initially be designed as a Q&A (Question and Answer) Database whereby users will be able to quickly and easily search for answers to their problems with OS/2 and OS/2 Applications.

    There will also be a vast amount of information passed through the Discussion Forums, as well as currently available information that now passes through Public USENET News Groups and Private and Public OS/2 related Mailing Lists. This information will also need to be made available, thouigh by other means than a simple archiving of the posts.

  • Progress Tracking

    Discussion of this topic will center around how to track the progress of the WarpDoctor Project. This will include, but not necessarily be limited to, current development of the site, goals achieved, important milestones and timetables and target dates for different phases of the project to be implemented.

  • Volunteers

    The WarpDoctor project, like VOICE, is a Member Directed project that relies on the efforts of a team of Volunteers to carry out the design, implementation and maintainence of the project and its related components (currently the Website and Discussion Forums).

    The Volunteer page contains a brief listing of the various items that the team currently sees a need for. This list may not be complete. Since the actual design of the site is not complete, we have yet to decide on the final implementation, particularly the details of the Database and access to it.

    If you have any knowledge or expertise with any of these technologies or applications, and are able to give us your thoughts and recommendations, drop us at note on the Mailing List.

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