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Click here to get to the Google Search Home Page.

One of the advantages of using Google over any of the other, more commercial, search engines on the web, is that you don't have to wade through a screen full of Banner Ads to get to the actual Search Dialog entry window.

Add the Google Search Button to your Personal Toolbar in Netscape

  • Make sure your Personal Toolbar is showing. If you cannot see it, go to the View menu to make it appear.
  • To remove any unwanted buttons, hit Ctrl +B to edit bookmarks. Open the Personal ToolBar Folder. Right click on the button icon and select "Delete Bookmark".

    Now to add the button

  • 1.Place your mouse pointer on this Google SearchText Link.

  • 2.Press down the RIGHT mouse button and hold.

  • 3.Drag the link up to your Personal Toolbar - your pointer symbol will change.

  • 4.Release mouse button to create the link as a button on your toolbar.

    Using the Google Search Button

    While browsing the Web, you may find a word or phrase in the text of a webpage that interests you. Using the LMB (Left Mouse Button), Highlight that word or phrase.

    For example, say you wanted to find information on Stanford University (the example used by Google). Highlight the phrase, and then click on the Google Search button on your personal toolbar.

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