By: Walter Metcalf
Date: 07/08/98

On June 17, 1998 I wrote a feature listing 10 freebies and descriptions I selected. At the end of the article, I asked readers for their suggestions of freebies they knew and found helpful. On July 7 I put out a final call. Freebies in this feature are the resulting readers' suggestions. I have not tried most of these programs. Therefore I can't guarantee they do what they claim to do, or even that they run at all! Please contact the author if you have problems or questions.

For each program I have given the URL of a site where it can be downloaded free, along with the name and email address (where known) of the author and submitter unless the latter requested anonymity. The comments are those of the author or submitter of the program.

  1. File Phoenix
    A cool utility that "resurrects" accidentally deleted files. Works with both HPFS and FAT! Author: Joe DiAdamo. Submitted by: ShyGuy

  2. Lotus Mobile Screen Show Player
    Allows anyone to view a Lotus Freelance Graphics presentation on their PC without having Freelance Graphics installed. Author: Lotus Corp. Submitted by: Anonymous.

  3. Ppwizard
    This preprocessor (which used to be called HTMLPP) can be used to generate HTML (and Rexx or other) code from source files. It supports commands such as "#include", "#define", "#if" and many more. Author: Dennis Bareis. Submitted by: Author.

  4. Prep
    Command line utility that will read a text file and convert text chars to HTML character entities. Author: Don Hawkinson. Submitted by: Author.

  5. Rexx2exe
    Rexx compiler. Two options are available: compile Rexx program to standalone EXE file or to shorter EXE file which requires a DLL file to run. Author: Dennis Bareis. Submitted by: Author.

  6. Sybar/2 Utilities
    Includes cd player, pipe monitor, clock, and task switcher. Small, fast, and requires minimum Desktop real estate. Author: Dmitry I. Platonoff. Submitted by: Jack Troughton

  7. Time868
    PM clock client that sets your system clock to an internet time server of your choice. Extremely configurable. Author: Norbert Dey. Submitted by: Steve Carter

  8. Unh
    OS/2 utility which strips HTML codes from saved Web pages leaving some formatting intact. Author: Don Hawkinson. Submitted by: Author.

  9. WPS Enhancer
    Set of WPS replacement classes that add new configurability, functions, and hot-keys to workplace shell. Author: Takasugi 'N.P.S.' Shinji Submitted by: Jack Troughton

  10. Xfolder
    Includes extended shutdown features, freely extendable menus created with normal objects, etc. Author: Ulrich Möller. Submitted by: Jack Troughton.

    Thank you for all your suggestions. There is a rich diversity of programs here, from relatively simple text manipulation, to a Rexx compiler, to some full-blown WPS enhancments. If you look these programs over, you may find a free program that will do the work of that shareware or commercial program you were going to buy, and thus be able to save yourself some cash! If you do start using one of these programs regularly, please take a moment and email the author to express your appreciation.

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