First Look at Lotus Freelance Graphics version 1.5

By: John W. Edwards
Date: 03/08/00

What is Freelance Graphics?

Freelance Graphics is a presentation developer and presenter. If you have to make a presentation to a group of people and you wish to have a powerful impact, you can use Freelance Graphics component of Lotus Smart Suite for OS/2 Warp to create a slide show to emphasize key points of your presentation. The slide show can contain text, graphics, photos, charts, sound and animation to illustrate your point and to attract and keep the attention of your audience.


1. Development Tools

Freelance Graphics provides productivity tools such as:

  • Lotus Infobox which allows "one-stop editing" of object attributes for pages, text, charts, diagrams and multimedia
  • Outliner View that allows free-form text
  • Page Sorter that lets you quickly rearrange, copy, add, delete or zoom in on pages
  • Task Sensitive Interface displays only the commands, menus and icons for a given task
  • 30 customizable SmartMaster Templates for common business documents that can be included or excluded, edited and put in any order
  • Text Formatting allows global text changes, pre-defined Named Styles, Numbered Lists, automatic bullets of customizable types, spacing controls, WYSIWYG text editing, Spell Checker and Curved Text Gallery
  • Lotus Chart supports bar (vertical, horizontal, stacked, 100%), line, area, pie, XY high-low-open-close, bar-line, number grid, 3D (bar, exploded pie, line, area), radar, pictogram chart types and can import data from Lotus 1-2-3, Microsoft Excel.
  • TeamReview provides for an automated online reviewing and editing of presentations. The author, after distributing the presentation, gets reviewers' edits, made with simple mark-up tools, consolidated into one file for viewing online, page by page to incorporate, modify or delete comments.
  • Copy Pages from Other Files. View pages found in other presentations and easily select pages to be added to your presentation.
  • LotusScript, an object-oriented Basic language compatible with Visual Basic can be used to customize Freelance Graphics for OS/2 Warp 4.
  • 125+ SmartMaster Designs. There are 100 ready-made, fully editable diagrams -- from hubs to timelines. Create your own diagrams -- drag-and-drop text shapes and connectors. Multiple Page Layouts. Title, bulleted list, two-column bullets, chart (one, two or four), bullets & chart, bullets & symbol, basic layout, table, organization chart and business diagram.
  • File and Graphics support include compatibility with files from Freelance Graphics for DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and OS/2. Imports more than 20 file formats including Harvard Graphics for Windows, PowerPoint 3.0, TXT, CGM, EPS, GIF, DRW, MET, TIF, BMP, TGA, AI, and more.
2. Presentation Tools
  • Presentations can be made in color or B&W.
  • Printing of Audience Notes, Speaker Notes, Handouts, or Full Page is possible.
  • Animated Movie Clips and Transition Effects can give your presentation the zip needed to attract and keep the attention of the audience.
  • Publish Freelance Presentations to the Web. It's just a mouse click away.
  • TeamMail allows you to broadcast your entire presentation or selected pages to a team, or send it to individuals sequentially.
  • TeamShow allows you to control a "ScreenShow" on a remote PC via your LAN, Intranet or over the Internet.
  • Exports file formats: CGM, WMF, EPS, MET, TGA, WPG, TIFF, PCX, BMP, AI and HTM

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