Tips-N-Tricks for Netscape's prefs.js file

Extensive survey of *all* entries in Netscape's prefs.js file on *any* platform.

Using RealPlayer 8 as a helper

Re-enter a secured site

Source:USENET (comp.os.os2.apps)
Author: Tim Martin
Date: March 18, 2000

Create a modified url bookmark that includes your own User ID and Password. We offer this example to all members of Warp City but it can be used for ANY secure site: Of course, you replace the 'name:password' with your own. To set it as a bookmark: highlight or mark the url above and hit 'copy' on your edit button. 'Paste' that new url in your Netscape location box and change the 'name:password' to your codes then hit enter. You'll go directly into the secure site and won't be asked for the security codes. Once there bookmark the new modified url. Whenever you want to access this particular secure site you can hit the new modified bookmark and you'll gain entry right away!

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