FixPak Choices

Fixpak 14 has been released

Previously, the instructions for applying Fixpaks using the IMAGE files required that you use the utility DIUNPAK to extract the files from the IMAGE (*.*DK) files. DIUNPAK did NOT support CRC checking when extracting these files, while UNZIP does support CRC Checks.

DIUNPAK also did not extract the Image Files used for other Service ... such as MPTS, Peer Services and TCP/IP. DSKXTRCT will handle these Image files as well.

Instructions for using the IMAGE Files have been updated to use the utility DSKXTRCT, which does support CRC Checks when extracting the files.

The instructions for using ZIP files (from the RSU directory) will remain, for anyone wishing to use them. However, using DSKXTRCT on the IMAGE files is quicker, and will work with other Fixpak applications besides the Base OS Fixes.

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