Installing MPTS Fixpaks using the IMAGE files

Updated for CSF 141 and DSKXTRCT

These instructions cover MPTS Fix WR08425 using the IBM recommended CSF 141
Utility in conjunction with a 3rd party utility to automate the installation process.

This method may also be used to apply fixes to PEER Services, Base OS and TCP/IP Services in Warp 4

NOTE: There are always occasional reports from users with every
Fixpak ever released regarding problems when installing Fixpaks.

While no guarantees are made, the method described below has been successfully used
by myself, to apply MPTS Fix WR08425 to the 16bit TCP/IP Stack on a Warp 4 System.

What you Need

    A copy of FastKick updated for CSF141
    The diskette image files for the Fixpak
    A copy of DSKXTRCT

From the README File:

IBM MPTS LAN Adapter and Protocol Support FixPak WR08425 : English - US

  *                                                                 *
  * This package is not a cumulative FixPak or a product refresh.   *
  *                                                                 *
  * It requires that you have either WR08421 or WR08423 installed.  *
  *                                                                 *
  * You must use SERVICE or FSERVICE, not MPTS.EXE, to install this *
  * package.                                                        *

WR08425.INF, located on the first FixPak diskette, contains
installation, and other useful information about this FixPak.
Please review before installation of service.

Step by Step Instructions

HINT: Since this method may be used to install all Fixpaks
to all services of OS/2 Warp, create a permanent Directory to hold the utilities

    4.UNZIP to its own directory

    5.UNZIP to its own directory

    6.Create a directory from which to install the Fixpak from

    7.Copy all of the Image Files for the Fixpak into this directory

    8.Copy the files from the FASTKICK directory into this directory

    9.Copy dskxtrct.exe from the DSKXTRCT directory into this directory

    10.From an OS/2 Command prompt, in the installation directory, enter the following:

    dskxtrct /s:*.*dk /t:. /ra

    11.Run FIX.CMD

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