Installing and Setting up the Firewall, Part 1

By: Walter Metcalf
Date: 05/10/00


So that this article can be useful by itself, we'll look at the process of installing the firewall from start to finish. This will involve some duplication from previous articles in the series, but will minimize the time spent looking up material elsewhere in the series. The major exception is the preceding article. In many ways this article is a continuation of that article, so some references to it will be unavoidable.

As mentioned in last week's article, the firewall software I have chosen both to install on my own LAN and to discuss here is InJoy Firewall 1.4 from F/X Communications. Although InJoy Firewall is not the only firewall package available for OS/2, it is an outstanding product. It is also manufactured by a highly reputable company and thoroughly documented.1 If there is one criticism to be directed toward InJoy Firewall, it's that it is far more sophisticated than most SOHO users need. Fortunately, however, the latest version of InJoy Firewall contains a large number of samples that cover a wide range of situations, from the complex to the very simple. Once again, let me state that the documentation is outstanding. Reading it is an education in itself and is recommended.


As noted in Footnote 3 of last week's article, we will be dealing only with the multiple LAN adapter configuration--specifically a two LAN adapter configuration. For simplicity the first LAN adapter will be referred to as LAN0 and will be installed in Slot 1 on the Gateway PC; similarly the second LAN adapter will be referred to as LAN1 and will be installed in Slot 2 on the Gateway PC.

  1. Software Installation

    Note: Before installing InJoy Firewall, run the program MPTS.EXE (Install/Configure Multi-Protocol Transport Services) in the System Tools folder, and verify that both adapters have drivers and the protocols NETBIOS and TCP/IP installed and correctly configured.

    1. Unpack

      Unzip the archive into the directory from which you wish to run the software.

    2. Create Folders

      Double-click on the program "folder.cmd". This creates a customized folder containing all the Desktop objects associated with InJoy Firewall.

    3. Install Driver

      1. Open an OS/2 command prompt.

      2. Go to the directory containing the unpacked InJoy Firewall.

      3. Type "Install" and press <Enter>.

      4. Type "I" and press <Enter>.

      5. Read the warning. Basically it says after you've installed this driver you cannot run the "Configure/Install MPTS" program. You must uninstall this driver first.

      6. Verify that the adapter list displayed at the bottom of the screen is what you want/expect.

      7. Enter "1" and press <Enter>.

      8. Close the command window, shutdown, and restart your computer.

      That completes the InJoy Firewall installation.

      Next week, we shall conclude this article by discussing how to configure the various components of InJoy Firewall.

Walter Metcalf

Next week: Installing and Setting up the Firewall, Part 2


1 The two other main firewall products for OS/2 are the one built-in to TCP/IP v4.1 and SafeFire. However the one in TCP/IP 4.1 has no proper documentation (and little if any SOHO support) and SafeFire is widely believed to be based on code pirated from InJoy Firewall.

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