Setting Up a LAN on Warp 4, Part 3

By: Walter Metcalf
Date: 01/12/00


With this article we return to the series under the overall heading "OS/2 Networking". In the previous article that was strictly in this series we dealt with File and Print Client (aka Peer Services) installation. This week we'll discuss the installation and configuration of TCP/IP Services. (Note that not all networks require TCP/IP Services. We'll discuss that subject further in our next article in the series.)

  1. TCP/IP Services

    1. Designate one PC as your Gateway or Router. (If one of your PC's is to be connected to the Internet or another LAN, your router must be this PC.)

    2. Choose a set of IP addresses for your PC's.

      1. Internet Specification RFC-1597 dictates that IP's in the range to are never to be assigned public Internet addresses and are to be left available for private networks. Therefore IP's in this range are a logical choice for our LAN. In my LAN I used the IP's between and (Addresses and are used for internal network purposes and for broadcasting and so are not available as workstation IP's.)

      2. Plan the IP address to be assigned to each PC. This will help you avoid errors during the software installation. Remember--each PC must have a unique IP address.

    3. Select as the installation drive the one on you have installed your other network software. (This is almost always, but does not have to be, the boot drive.)

    4. For TCP/IP address, enter the 32-bit IP number you have assigned to this PC.

    5. Subnet mask, enter "".

    6. For Router, enter the IP address you have assigned to the PC you have chosen to be your Router. (e.g. in my LAN, the router is

    7. For Host Name, enter any unique name. The TCP/IP software uses this name to identify this computer.

    8. Leave TCP/IP Domain Name blank.

    9. For Name Server, enter the IP address you have assigned to your router.

  2. When you are satisfied with all your entries, click on "Install", and then click on "OK" to finish the automated install process.

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Walter Metcalf

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