Install Fixpaks from ZIP Files with IBM tools

This information courtesy of Ian B Manners

There is yet another method whereby users can download all of the Fixpak files in ZIP format and install the Fixpak directly from a local hard drive. This method requires no 3rd party utility other than UNZIP.

Using your favorite FTP Client (Netscape will work) go to:

Make a directory on a harddisk of your choice which has ample space called, say,


Download and to this directory.

UNZIP these two files using unz540x2.exe. Using this version of UNZIP will, by default, retain the directory structure contained in the archive. If you use an older version of UNZIP, you must use the -d switch.


Using the current version of UNZIP, type:

If you use an older version of UNZIP, then you'll need to type:
unzip -d
Do the same with

Next, make a directory called

Download all of the xr_m*.zip files to this directory.

Using "UNZIP", unzip all of the xr_m0*.zip files in this directory. This will also create any needed sub-directories and place the files into the required directory structure.

Here's a shortcut that works if UNZIP is in your PATH. From an OS/2 Command Prompt, in the Directory where the xr_m0*.zip files are located, type the following command:

for %1 in (xr_m014*.zip) do unzip -o %1

NOTE: If you are using an older version of UNZIP, you MUST add the -d switch

for %1 in (xr_m014*.zip) do unzip -d -o %1

Go to the "D:\fix14 directory and type

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