IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a "Live" Chat Session that takes place using the Internet Standard IRC Network. Anyone can use IRC, regardless of who they are using as an Internet Service Provider (ISP). IRC is platform independent. All you need is an IRC Client software package. IRC Client software is available for OS/2, Windows, Linux, Unix, MAC, Amiga and others.

The IRC Network we use is called "WEBBnet". Based near Daytona Beach, Florida, it's a part of, an Internet Service Provider.

Once you have chosen an IRC Client, which we'll cover shortly, you simply logon to a WEBBnet IRC Server that's closest to you. A complete list of WEBBnet IRC Servers can be found at: the WEBBnet IRC Site.

Of course, you still need that IRC Client.

There are several clients available that are fairly simple to setup and use.

In the category of "FreeWare", there's EZ-IRC, which you can download by simply clicking on the link.

In the "ShareWare" category, GTIRC, from Gamma Tech, is a favorite among both novice and veteran IRC users. Its user interface is easy to understand and configure for even the most novice of IRC users, yet veterans like it for their ability to customize it using REXX scripts.

Also in the Shareware category is OpenChat
Run ochat107.exe file you downloaded for an automatic install. Or unzip it into a temporary directory, and run install.exe program, follow instructions on your screen.

Another client that is currently available as a free download, but still in the late Alpha Test stages, is VIRC. VIRC is almost 100% functional, but does have a few issues, especially with regards to DCC send and receive of files via IRC. Further development is currently on hold, but the currently available version is very easy to install and configure, and should be more than sufficient for both novice and veteran users alike.

Once you have your Client installed, you're ready to connect. Of course, you'll need to be connected to the Internet before you can connect to IRC.

Some of the Clients will automate this process for you, but doing it manually is not that difficult.

From the Command Window in your Client, type:

/server (servername)

Where SERVERNAME is a WEBBnet IRC Server closest to you.

Once the Server Connects, in the Server Window, type:

/nick (NICKNAME)

Where NICKNAME is the IRC Nickname you have chosen to be recognized by while online.

If the nickname you have chosen is in use by someone else, you'll simply have to choose another nickname.

To join the WarpDoctor channel, in the server window, type:

/Join #WarpDoctor

That's, basically, all there is to it. You can remain in "Lurk Mode", and sit back and follow the discussion, or you can type your messages to the channel in the Text Entry field of you Client (usually along the bottom of the Channel Window) and press ENTER. You message will then be transmitted to the channel, for everyone to read.

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