WarpDoctor Discussion 03-15-00 Summary

Present: @mandie @Abraxas @madodel @Sector Chrissy RumpleS @Hostess @VoiceBot @SeerAWAY RumpleZ @WarpHoss Monitor
* Request made that reminders for WarpDoctor discussion sessions be posted weekly.
* Judy McDermott, VOICE Liaison, volunteered to provide a summary of the weekly
  discussion log. This summary will then be posted to the WarpDoctor website.
* It was determined that organization and communication are of the utmost
  importance. The following were addressed as immediate needs:
  ** Communication: There are three areas of communication which need to be
1) Direct communication which is being fulfilled via IRC to discuss issues
  between ourselves and resolve immediate problems.
2) A 'threaded' mailing list or discussion - will allow for the handling of on-going
issues. **We are now looking into Ceilidh which would provide threaded bulletin
boards with file attachment and e-mail. Creative Systems Corp. has also offered us
the use of their Notes server.**
3) Document repository - probably some form of web site, which will contain all of
the development documentation and decisions that have been generated during the

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